Exciting new update from the I Welcome campaign

Earlier this summer, AI released a report that found the US government violated the rights of unaccompanied children seeking asylum in the US by holding them in prolonged and indefinite detention at the Homestead “temporary influx” facility in Florida, and called on the US Department of Health and Human Services to shut it down (HHS). 

Today, AIUSA launched a new action and briefing as part of this campaign to close Homestead, that will target the private contractor operating the facility, Comprehensive Health Services (CHS), a subsidiary of Caliburn International, LLC (Caliburn). By running the center and providing core services, the for-profit company CHS is enabling the government to detain children at Homestead. CHS’s contract with HHS expires on November 30th, 2019.

While all the remaining kids in Homestead were relocated from the facility in August 2019, Homestead is still open for business and can detain children at any time.

Kids seeking safety should be free and reunited with their families, not warehoused and processed in an industrial line. Homestead is no home for children, and no company should see a business opportunity in an abusive system.

AIUSA is demanding CHS to stop its operations at Homestead as soon as possible and to not renew its contract with the US government to operate this facility.


  • Send an email to Jim Van Dusen, the President and CEO of Caliburn, demanding CHS stop its operations at Homestead and not renew its contract there!
  • Share on social media a link to the online action with the hashtag #SayNoToHomestead.

Sign a postcard to Van Dusen using AI branded postcards. Contact your FO and refugees@aiusa.org to receive these postcards.

To fill it out, include your city and state in the upper left corner, sign your first name at the bottom along with a personalized note, place all postcards (even if just one) into an envelope, and mail it postcard directly to:

Jim Van Dusen


Caliburn International, LLC

10701 Parkridge Blvd

Suite 200

Reston, VA 20191

After mailing, make sure to follow up with your FO and refugees@aiusa.org with how many postcards you sent him so we can monitor how many he is receiving from AIUSA activists!

  • Drop a banner: On November 20, Universal Children’s Day, Amnesty activists in the US and around the world are dropping banners in their communities, in solidarity with children seeking safety. Contact your FO and refugees@aiusa.org if you’re interested in this action, and we’ll send resources and guidelines on how to proceed!
  • Call (action forthcoming): We are creating a call line to direct you to Caliburn so you can take action over the phone. We will send further details and a call script when available.

Many thanks for all your support on this campaign. Let’s get CHS to #SayNoToHomestead!


Kit O’Connor



I Welcome Campaign Organizer

Amnesty International USA